Creating Grand Entrance Door Designs


Your entrance door is a huge part of the first impression of your home, so you’ll need to spend a little time and thought to choose the right design. You can have a carved or engraved wooden door suiting the theme of the house and if you choose wood, you’re bound to have a warm and rustic look to the house.

Entrance doors can be made of wood, metal, glass or vinyl and you can find a number of designs in the market depending on the material you choose, which can help you meet all of your design requirements. However, you should know that every material out there comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, if you live in a high crime area or if security is your main concern, the best choice for your entrance might be an iron door. These doors are available in various designs and protect you against any kind of break-ins.

You can opt for a UPVC door if you would like to provide a trendy and chic look to your home. UPVC exterior doors come with many designs for you to choose from, e.g., casement, sliding and French. They are easy to maintain, weather resistant and provide good thermal insulation. They also dampen noise to a great extent. Most of these doors come with a warranty and once installed, you do not have to shell out much on maintenance.

Wooden doors are time tested and have been popular with people for centuries; they also tend to work as grand exterior doors. While making your decision, consider the finish for the wood you end up choosing. Although it’s an expensive option, using better quality wood will make your door last longer.

Also, wood requires treatment and polish to withstand weather changes and pest attacks.

You can design your doors with different elements like metal, wood, glass or vinyl for a unique and whimsical touch. Vinyl doors with toughened or glazed glass, wooden doors with glass and iron etc can be used to create the desired entrance door design.

After deciding on the design, do not forget to match the door accessories like locks and handles with the door design. Remember, your accessories may look like minute details, but they’ll be very instrumental in pulling your entire look together.