Why Landscaping is Important to Non-League and Semi-Professional Football Teams

Why Landscaping is Important to Non-League and Semi-Professional Football Teams

Landscaping is essential for the proper care of grasses, trees, and plant life that live in and around sports arenas, and good landscaping is especially important for non-league and semi-professional football teams. Proper care and maintenance for football pitches allows fields to thrive, increasing the amount and time of play the turf can handle.

Areas that surround local football arenas create a wonderful atmosphere for families and individuals to come and enjoy football, and providing landscaping that enhances the aesthetic outdoor appeal of an arena encourages people to turn out to watch local football games.

Proper landscaping is vitally important to all non-league and semi-professional football teams and to their viewers. Fortunately, there have been many landscaping techniques that have evolved over time to improve the quality of the grass pitch while maintaining its readiness for sport. Here are some of the landscaping techniques used to optimize the time and endurance of playing fields.

Grass Coverage

Sufficient grass coverage is required to meet an arena’s landscaping needs. The ground must provide enough covered pitch to allow players to traverse the most amount of terrain.

Weed Control

Maintaining low levels of weeds is necessary for continual readiness for play and for the pitch’s overall health. The grass must also be flat to allow the players maximum maneuverability to increase their speed.


Good drainage prevents over-watering and fields that turn into mud pools, and with the evolution of technology, new techniques for managing drainage have been implemented. Drainage pipes, gravel rafts, and sand rooting zones allow proper drainage and prolong the life of the grass pitch, and adding supplementary lighting on the surface aids with renewal and new growth. Only professional landscaping companies will be able to advise on proper draining and consider surface water when it comes to a pitch, section of grass and any block paving or tarmac.

There are other important areas that are also important for non-league and semi-professional arenas such as:


Trees are not only lovely, they provide shade and refuge from the elements and are a beautiful addition to areas surrounding sports arenas.

Car Parks

Car Parks allow people to easily get to and from sporting events, admitting more spectators to view the games.

Children’s Areas

Children’s areas encourage families to attend semi-professional and non-league football matches, providing them with entertainment.  Landscaping in childrens areas can include bark and areas to protect children who may fall from the play equipment or fall. There are also many areas which can utilize artificial turf to provide a low maintenance option that looks authentic and aesthetically pleasing.

Landscaping the surrounding areas where non-league and semi-professional football teams play adds to the quality of life of the community and its players, allowing entire communities to enjoy local football events.