What Should You Plant In Your Garden?

There are several things that you could plant inside of your garden.


The first plant is pansies. They are one of the hardest flowers to kill, so they are perfect for people who are just begging to garden. They are even tough enough to survive during the winter months. There are several different varieties that you can choose from. There are even some that are made just for the harsher temperatures of the summer and winter. Usually, the early spring is the best time that you can plant these flowers inside of your garden.


The second plant is the tomatoes. The temperature of the soil will need to be between 65 to 80 degrees. It is a good idea to plant the seeds about six to eight weeks before the first frost. It is important to remember that the tomato plants will need plenty of sunlight. This is why a lot of people will start their tomato plant inside of the house. Then once the seeds have grown some leaves, then you will be able to move them to a bigger place. Plus there are a variety of different species of tomatoes. 


The third plant is basil. This is something that you can plant with the tomatoes to help them to grow. This is the basil will act like a natural bug repellent so you are not going to have to worry about any unwanted insects eating the herb or your tomato plant. Plus the basil will help to give the tomatoes a little bit of extra favor. They are also going to need a lot of sunlight and will need to be planted about 12 inches apart. They can be planted about six weeks before the first frost. You will only need to water your lawn and them a little bit.


The fourth plant is the mint. It is very easy to grow, so the only problem that you will have is making sure that the plant does not take over your garden. The soil will need to be damp and have good drainage. It will normally do better in an area that will not get a lot of sun during the day. Most of the time, the stems of the plant will shoot out in a variety of different directions. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are going to plant them close to your driveway.


The fifth plant is the sunflowers. The sunflowers are not going to need a lot of fertilizer and they are going to thrive in most of the soils unless it is very soggy. They can also adapt very well to the weather. But as the name of this flower suggests, it will need to be placed where the direct sunlight can hit it. You will also need to keep it away from any of the other plants that you might be growing. This is because it is going to give a lot of shade to those plants that might be unwanted.


The last plant is the radishes. This is something that you can grow if you live where there are cooler temperatures during the spring and autumn. They will need to be at least one inch apart in soil that is loose, well-lit, and moist. It is very important to remember that they are going to grow very fast compared to some of your other plants. Most of the time, they will be ready to harvest in just 22 days after they have been planted but there are some different varieties that could take up to 70 days to be ready for harvest.

Author Bio : Sarah works for Yourgreenpal and she loves writing about gardens and lawns.