The Medicinal Mint Family

Below is a partial record of medicinal vegetation discovered on Flack Family Farm, either propagated or growing naturally. Modern day scientific research substantiates the antimicrobial action of crops within the mint family for such illnesses as colds, influenza, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, and herpes simplex (cold sores), just to call a number of.

Major phytochemicals reported are Heliespirone 67 , Heliannuol E sixty eight , Helikauranoside A 69 Medicinally the plant is used as meals and drugs all world wide and most significantly the seeds are been used for the manufacturing of cooking and essential oil.

At present, many people use it to deal with urinary problems through the early stages of an enlarged prostate, for urinary tract infections, for hay fever, or in compresses or lotions for treating joint pain, sprains and strains, tendonitis, and bug bites.

Leaves, stem, flower and seed oil all possess active precept and plant has potent antioxidant and also possess antimicrobial 70 , seventy one , anti-inflammatory 72 and anticancer potential seventy three , 74 Traditionally the leaf paste is utilized to wounds, swellings, and bug bites.

All components of the plant were believed efficient in opposition to evil spirits, and Angelica was held in such esteem that it was called ‘The Root of the Holy Ghost.’ In America it was utilized by the Iroquois and different tribes in ceremonial medicine, and in traditional lore an infusion of smashed roots was used as wash to take away ghosts from the house.