How to Jumpstart Your Spring Garden – Right Now!

Are you getting tired of the cold, and possibly the snow? If you are ready to get outside and start working on your garden you don’t have to wait until Spring. You can start working on your garden right now! If you need help getting started on your yard or need ideas for a revamp of your space research local lawn care and lawn maintenance specialists to help give you some ideas. Once you have an idea of how you would like your lawn and garden spaces to look follow the next ten steps to jumpstart your garden today.

#1.) Visualize your Spring Garden

Once you have basic ideas of how you want your garden and lawn to look, draw a picture and label it so that you don’t forget. Once you get to picking out flowers and colors this drawing may help you find plants that match your overall scheme. Plan out where you want your new plants and flowers to go and decide which colors you want to have in specific areas. If you have lawn decorations or potted plants decide where you want them to go.

#2.) Check your Tools

Over the wintery cold months some of your tools may need attention. Check your tools to make sure they all start and are in good shape before you need them this Spring.

#3.) Check your Garden Spaces

If you have flower beds and borders surrounding your garden inspect them to make sure that the frost and the cold did not damage them. Make sure they are safe and secure.

#4.) Check and Trim Plants and Shrubs

The cold may have damaged and uprooted some of your plants. You should inspect all the shrubs and bushes that you have in your yard. If they need to be replanted, get out your pre-inspected shovels. Pull out your pruning shears to prune away any dead branches or unappealing dead branches. It is better to prune them now before the warm weather starts and it get more difficult and damaging to your plants. Pruning also stimulates the new growth of your plants.

#5.) Remove Debris

After cutting away all unwanted branches remove the debris from your garden spaces. Any left over leaves from fall and early winter should be removed to make way for your new plants.

#6.) Give your Garden a Soak

It’s never too early to give your garden a good soak before starting to plant. Getting water deep down into the soil early on sunny days will help get your plants and flowers off to the right start.

#7.) Fertilize

To get your garden and lawn in good shape and to help them recover from the cold use fertilizer. Spread fertilizer throughout your lawn to help the grass grow and apply some to your garden spaces as well.

#8.) Mulch around Trees

If you have mature trees and bushes that you do not plan on planting new flowers around you can begin spreading new mulch. This can help reduce the amount of weeds that grow in these areas. Spreading mulch around these areas will save you time later on when you begin laying down mulch to other areas.

#9.) Check for Weeds

Wedding a garden is not much fun but it is crucial to weed if you want your plants to thrive this Spring. Weed your garden frequently. The sooner you get the weeds the easier it is to keep up with.

#10.) Make your Shopping List

Once your garden spaces are ready for Spring, start making your shopping list for the things you want. This will help you make sure you don’t forget anything.

Author Bio : Sarah works for Yourgreenpal and she loves writing about gardens.